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Bentgate Silverton Sickdays 2015

There’s nothing quite like Bentgate’s Silverton Sickdays. Customers, Industry Reps and Bentgate staff head down to Silverton Colorado for a trip packed with fun, including a private ski day on Silverton Mountain with apres ski parties in historic Silverton CO and a chance to ride with pro athletes in the beautiful San Juan Mountains.

On day one the sky was blue and sunny and the guides did an amazing job of finding fresh turns for us even though there wasn’t much new snow. As always, the heli rides were epic, the views incredible and the turns untouched. Read more →

One of Bentgate’s own – Mark Morris – talented ski tech and big mountain athlete for Icelantic


A few years back, Bentgate hired a local musician and skier named Mark Morris.  Since our initial meeting, we have grown to be quite fond of this guy.  Whether he’s doing impressions of other employees, showing off his wrestling moves, mounting a binding or hucking a cliff, Mark Morris is legit.  We asked Mark Morris to write a couple paragraphs about growing up skiing in Colorado and how he ended up collaborating with another local Colorado crew, the folks at Icelantic.  Here is what Mark had to say:

My name is Mark Morris and without skiing my life would be dull. My parents grew up skiing in Climax Colorado in the 1950’s, before the big resorts like Vail and Keystone were established.  Skiing was and still is a big part of their lives, so its no coincidence my earliest life memory is skiing at the age of 2. Skiing is something my family has always done and I don’t remember ‘learning’ how to ski, I could always just do it.  The sport of skiing has been a heavy influence in my life because I grew up on the I-70 corridor in Idaho Springs Colorado, a town that gains most of its revenue from travelers on their way to the resorts. I never set out to have this sport be such an influence in my life but looking back it has been, and in a big way.  My first job was cleaning boots at a local ski shop, the college I attended happened to be 15 minutes away from Crested Butte Colorado, and my closest friends are either industry professionals, professional skiers, or business owners in the industry.

During middle school I was on the school ski team with Icelantic Founder – Ben Anderson, Icelantic CEO – Annelise Loevlie, and Icelantic Art Director – Travis Parr.  Their lives are also heavily influenced by skiing and when the company was still young I jumped on board as a ‘big mountain’ athlete.  The motivation of being part of a company like Icelantic has brought my skiing to a level I never thought possible.  Since joining team Icelantic as a ‘core’ athlete, I have traveled all over the world to resorts and to back-county areas in Russia, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Canada, and Alaska, as well as all over the United States.  I have been featured with the company through many marketing platforms including full-page adds in Backcounty Magazine, Skiing Magazine, Powder Magazine, web-blogs, social media, and annual catalogs.  I was also lucky enough to help in the design of arguably the best ‘straight-lining’ ski ever made, the Seeker.  Being part of a company like Icelantic and working at a cool ski shop like Bentgate offers more than just the skiing however.  The friendships I’ve gained, the surrounding community, and industry connections are priceless.  

Thanks for your history Mark – as a local Colorado company, we are energized by great friends like you.


SCARPA Freedom Ski Boot Preview

SCARPA has some new Freeride boots coming out for the 13/14 season and they are legit.

These boots have all the features that we have been looking for in a solid Sidecountry/Freeride boot. They are stiff, light, have a wide range of cuff motion and will step into any type of alpine or AT binding that is currently on the market. Bentgate had the chance to meet up with Kim Miller, CEO of SCARPA North America to go over the details of the boot.

The Freedom boot line was developed with input from big-mountain ski pioneer Chris Davenport and meld alpine-level ski performance and construction with lightweight backcountry friendly features.

Three years in development, the collection includes two men’s and two women’s boots. Notable features include:

NEW shell mold and construction
- Lower-volume overlap construction (101 mm last width) with two-and-two buckle configuration and stiff progressive flex

- Light Weight: 3 pounds, 13 ounces per boot in Pebax construction(size 27)

- Carbon Core Technology, a technique that over-injects the boot’s lower shell around a carbon-fiber core. This substantially stiffens the boot without adding unnecessary material and bulk, improving power transmission to the ski throughout the length of the boot shell


NEW interchangeable sole system
- A new interchangeable sole system that employs a bolt-through connection to the Carbon Core frame, with hardware that screws into all-metal interfaces in the upper shell, enhancing the power transfer to the ski, and eliminating slop in the system.

- Two sole optoins. The Vibram Mountain Plus Sole is a lugged sole that is outfitted with the Dynafit Quick Step-in inserts and the Vibram Mountain Piste Sole is DIN compatible for use in alpine bindings or non-tech AT bindings

- Interchangeable sole separates below the the binding ledge to insure maximum power transfer when skiing with  alpine bindings

NEW ski/walk mechanism
- SCARPA’s innovative new Ride Power Block ski/walk mechanism is a two-part design with tight tolerances resulting in alpine-level performance.

- Great cuff articulation with 27 degrees for efficient walking and touring. 7 degrees of resistance-free back flex and 20 degrees of forward flex.

- Forward lean is 14 degrees with +/- 4 degrees of adjustability

Scarpa uses heat moldable Intuition liners in their boots and are putting them in the Freedom SL. This is a huge deal for us at Bentgate because these liners are Warmer, Lighter and more Moldable than anything else we cary. Here is a breakdown of the Intuition Speed Ride liner and Instant Fit Ride liner.

If you have a question about the new SCARPA Freedom lineup post it in the comments and we will do our best to answer it.